This is a public WordPress website to test the vulnerability in:

  • OAuth Single Sign On – SSO (OAuth Client) by miniOrange WordPress plugin
  • OAuth 2.0 client for SSO by miniOrange
  • miniOrange OAuth 2.0 Server/Provider by miniOrange WordPress plugin

A detailed description of the vulnerability can be found here:
LANAVDB 12bb3c02-45f1-4ce8-8a5a-8b44352cf7fc
LANAVDB 6d794d65-d44b-4099-94c5-3dd2995b218c
LANAVDB df23b19f-4134-41d3-8cb3-9d44189b461bc

OAuth websites:

Client: https://lana.solutions/vdb/miniorange-oauth-client/

Server: https://lana.solutions/vdb/miniorange-oauth-server/